• About ME

    Bruce Van Horn and his teachers in NY NJ and FL have been engaging seniors for over 12 years.

    Programming that really engages seniors

    We specialize in delivering engaged life programming to seniors in Nursing Rehab Assisted Living and Memory Care

  • In over 80 Eldercare communities in NY NJ and FLorida, Yoga for Business and Yomenco have been helping executive Directors, administrators and activity directors since 2004 enhance quality of life for their residents

    References available on request

    And Pet Therapy with Rockwell

    A small tagline

    A beautiful Golden Lab mix who will warm the hearts of your residents

  • We are blessed to have programming that engages seniors and uplifts their spirits.


    Bruce Van Horn

  • Programming Includes


    Latin and Flamenco Dancing

    Yoga and Meditation

    Gentle Chair Yoga and Meditation with guided visualizations and sounds of nature

    Pet Therapy

    With Rockwell a lovely 2 year old Golden Mix

    Programming for Staff

    Stress Management for Caregivers


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    POB 138 MT Tremper NY 12457 Tel 917-992-4714 email: bvanhorn@yogaforbusiness.com